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1. What are the impacts to the Cary-Grove Youth Baseball and Softball program and the Maplewood fields? Will these fields be eliminated with the creation of the proposed TIF District?
2. My property is located within the proposed TIF District. How will the TIF affect my property taxes?
3. How will this TIF affect the tax revenue our schools demand? Does TIF divert money from schools, and if so, will the schools’ budgets be reduced, or will other taxpayers be required to pay more to me
4. I’m concerned about the Village or a developer taking my property or my business. Is there a possibility I could lose my property through eminent domain?
5. How could the TIF District impact existing businesses and property owners? What sorts of costs are eligible for TIF funding?
6. How does TIF District negatively impact property values? Does it make properties less desirable? Will it make it harder to sell?