2021 Road Resurfacing Program

Project Scope:

The map below depicts the 2021 Road Resurfacing Program. 


The 2021 Road Resurfacing Program includes the following roads:

  • Alicia Drive: Extend pavement at dead end turnaround only
  • Bridle Lane: Three Oaks Road to Village Limit
  • Horseshoe Court: Bridle Lane to end of cul-de-sac
  • Colleen Drive: Margaret Terrace to Erin Drive
  • Courtney Lane: Colleen Drive to Crest Drive
  • Erin Drive: Colleen Drive to Crest Drive
  • Feinberg Drive: US Route 14 to 280 feet north of Feinberg Court
  • Sequoia Trail: Chickory Ridge Trail to Hampton Street
  • Chickory Ridge Trail: Hampton Street to Sequoia Trail
  • Hampton Street: Cimarron Drive to Chickory Ridge Trail
  • High Road: Charlotte Place to Metra North Commuter Parking Lot
  • Spring Street: Cary Street to W. Main Street
  • Jandus Road: Cary Street to W. Main Street
  • Pearl Street: N. First Street to Pavement Change West of Second Street
  • Montana Drive: E. Main Street to E. Sherwood Drive

Construction Schedule

Start Date:

April 19, 2021

Targeted End Date:

July 1, 2021

  • Contract was awarded to Arrow Road Construction Company on April 6th, 2021.
  • Mobilization will begin the week of April 12th. Residents may begin to see work zone signs.
  • Beginning the week of April 19th, the contractor will begin sidewalk and curb work related to the 2021 Resurfacing Program. This work is scheduled to begin on the west side of the Village on Sequoia Trail and Chickory Ridge Trail. As the work is completed, the contractor will make their way east. This schedule is weather dependent.
  • 04/23/21 - The contractor began the removal of curb and sidewalks. Next week, the contractor will begin pouring sidewalk and curb starting at Horseshoe Court and Bridle Lane. 
  • 5/7/21 - The contractor is completing the remove and replacement of sidewalks and curbs, including High Road and Spring Street. The contractor also replaced storm sewer structures in the downtown area. Milling is set to begin next week. 
  • 5/10/21 - Milling begins this week. The contractor will begin on Chickory Ridge, Sequoia, Hampton, and Erin Drive. The concrete contractor will complete framing and pouring curb and sidewalks along High Road, Spring Street, and Jandus Road this week.
  • 5/13/21 - Asphalt removal on streets in the downtown area began today. Weather dependent, the contractor will begin the paving process of Hampton Street, Sequoia Trail, Chickory Ridge Trail, Erin Drive, Colleen Drive, and Courtney Lane tomorrow.
  • 6/3/21 - Paving is expected to be completed this week. Upon completion, the installation of pavement markings will begin. 
  • 7/1/21 - The contractor will begin the installation of pavement markings this week. The work is expected to be completed by early next week.