Water Division

The Water Division serves to provide a safe and reliable source of potable water to the residents of Cary. The water produced must meet federal and state health standards. The Village of Cary operates over 75 miles of water main and 9 wells. 

Fluoridation Recognition

Fluoride is commonly added to drinking water supplies as an effort to improve quality of life by combatting tooth decay. The Village of Cary’s Public Works Department has been awarded the top honor from the Illinois Department of Public Health in 2022 for maintaining optimum fluoride levels in the drinking water system. This award is given to water supply systems that achieve perfect compliance for every month of the year. The Village of Cary has maintained this award for over 20 consecutive years. 

Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

This report is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the Village of Cary’s water system to provide safe drinking water.

  1. John Stein

    Deputy Director of Public Works

PFAS Information

Learn more about PFAS and what the Village has been doing to ensure that its concentrations are minimized.

Water Meter Replacement Program

Learn more about the Village's water meter replacement program. 

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Get information on the number and concentration of chemicals present in the water supply throughout the years.