Ruse Burglaries and Scams; Don't be a Target

The Cary Police Department wants to remind residents to be wary of "Ruse Burglaries" and scams

Such crimes usually take place in the spring or fall and target elderly people who live alone.
Here’s what happens: These offenders usually travel in pairs, with one offender distracting the homeowner while the second offender enters the home to search for and steal cash, jewelry and other valuable items.

These offenders use many story lines, including:
  • Inquiries about the homeowner’s water supply or pressure.
  • Informing the homeowner there is an electrical problem.
  • Offers to repair gutters/fences or tree trimming and landscaping.
  • Blacktop/driveway repair.
  • False statements about problems at the neighbor’s house.
  • Inquiries about homes for sale in the neighborhood.
  • Telephone calls or emails from distant relatives requesting money.
If you have scheduled an appointment with a contractor, it’s a good idea to ask for a business card or company ID, and to check to see if the person’s vehicle or uniform has the company’s logo on it.

Telephone calls or emails from individuals requesting money should be researched and validated prior to ever sending money.

If a solicitor comes to your residence, prior to answering the door, attempt to locate and remember what kind of vehicle he or she is driving (make, model, color, type). Further, make a mental note of the person’s attire and physical characteristics. Ruse or distraction burglaries are becoming more prevalent. Homeowners must always be wary of offers that sound too good to be true and cautious of strangers who attempt to charm you into buying something.

If someone you don’t know knocks on your door and asks you to step out of your home for any reason, either lock all doors before exiting and take your key with you, or don’t comply. If you are suspicious at all, call 9-1-1 immediately.