The Village’s storm sewer system is designed to handle a 10-year storm event, or a storm of certain severity that has a chance of occurring 10% of the time. Detention ponds collect the water from the storm sewers and have a capacity based on a 100-year even or rainfall that has a statistical chance of occurring 1% of the time.

Please help the Public Works Department by keeping storm grates in the street free of leaves and debris. This material can potentially clog the inlets and cause flooding. If you see standing water, please contact the Public Works Department.

Map Information
For flooding maps and Fox River stages, visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

For local flood maps and to see if you are located in a floodplain, visit FEMA's Emergency Management Institue. To view properties in Cary on this website, either use the Map Search feature, or see panel No. s 17111C0334J, 17111CO353J, 17111CO351J.

In addition, McHenry County also provides information on their website. Click here to be re-directed.