Hide It - Lock It - or Lose It & Solicitors

Hide It - Lock It - or Lose It
This program educates residents about crime trends involving theft of items from vehicles and homes which are commonly left in plain view. Quite often, theft is a crime of opportunity. Offenders randomly look into parked cars for valuables that they can steal and sell. Offenders also enter garages that are left open at night and steal items that are easy to carry. Officers investigating these types of crimes see commonalities, typically cars are left unlocked. Usually offenders do not make forced entry into cars. If a car is locked, they will move on to another one.
An illustration of possible at risk areas around the house for a burglary
The Cary Police Department reminds you not to leave valuable items in plain view, such as GPS units, cell phones, cameras, laptops, iPods, etc. Items like these in plain view are an invitation for a thief. Take these items with you are secure them in the trunk. Remember to Hide It – Lock It – or Lose It!
Village Ordinance requires that all solicitors be licensed. If a solicitor approaches your home, you may ask that the solicitor show you his/her village solicitor's permit. If a solicitor is not licensed or is causing a problem, call the Police Department and report the solicitor, along with a description of their appearance, vehicle they were driving (if any), what company they were soliciting for and direction of travel. The Village also provides stickers you may display on the window of your doorway which informs solicitors that they are not invited on your property. These stickers are available free of charge at the Village Hall or the Police Department.
A sign notifying no solicitors invited

Solicitor Application

Each solicitor must apply individually for a Certificate of Registration. Download or view the Solicitor Registration Application. All sections on the application must be completed and returned to the Cary Police Department, 755 Georgetown Dr., Cary IL 60013.