Being Environmentally Friendly


The Environment and Our Groundwater

The Village is cognizant of the environment and is always striving to be good stewards to the resources we depend on. The Village relies on groundwater as its sole source of drinking water. Winter operations can have a negative impact on our groundwater due to the chlorides found in salt commonly used to melt snow. The Village utilizes the following best management practices to minimize salt usage:

  • The Village uses de-icing Supermix chemicals to deter the ice from bonding to the roadways. Once a bond is formed, it takes 60 times the amount of salt to break a bond than to prevent it. Supermix is a blend of 80% salt brine, 10% calcium chloride and 10% beet juice.
  • The Village pre-wets the salt in our trucks so that the applied salt is wet when it is placed on the roadways. Pre-wet salt reduces bounce by as much as 30%, reducing the unnecessary placement of salt on the curb line, or worse yet, off the roadway.
  • The use of Supermix allows the salt to be more effective, thereby reducing the amount of salt needed to put down on the pavement.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at (847) 639-0003.