Refuse Bag, Yard Waste Program & Retailers

Refuse Bag Program

The refuse bag program allows for refuse to be placed in the designated pre-paid refuse bags. Refuse bags that are placed in cans or other containers will not be collected.

Yard Waste Collection Guidelines

Advanced Disposal will provide unlimited yard waste collection to all eligible households during
the yard waste season, including leaves. Advanced Disposal will collect an unlimited amount of properly
prepared yard waste in a brown biodegradable kraft paper bags placed at the curb. The yard waste collection program begins with the first regular pickup day in April and runs through November.

In order to be collected, yard waste must be placed in:
  • A 33-gallon kraft biodegradable brown bag
  • Yard waste that cannot fit in a kraft brown bag may be bundled and must be securely tied on both ends using a strong biodegradable cord, string, rope or twine and may not exceed 50 pounds in weight, two (2) feet in diameter, and four (4) feet
    in length
  • 95-gallon yard waste cart is available for lease, contact Advanced Disposal at (847) 272-4145

Refuse Bags Retailers

  • Cary Jewel
    696 Northwest Highway
  • Cary Walgreens
    500 Northwest Highway
  • Ziegler's Ace Hardware 
    642 Northwest Highway


  The biodegradable kraft bags can be purchased at any location.