Senior Resources

The Village of Cary recognizes the importance of seniors and understands that they are a diverse group of people. Seniors play an important role in the community. They bring vitality, wisdom and perspective and are active participants in Cary. The Village, as well as other local entities, is well prepared to meet the needs of each and every senior citizen living in Cary.

Senior Activities

The Cary Park District offers a wide variety of programs, events and outings for seniors. For more information, contact the Cary Park District Community Center, 255 Briargate Road, Cary. 

Senior Center (5)

Algonquin Township

Algonquin Township offers Senior Citizen programs and transportation services at a reduced rate. For more information, contact Algonquin Township at (847) 639-2700 or visit their website at Algonquin Township Services

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