Building Codes


You are encouraged to contact the Village’s Building Inspector with any code questions at (847) 639-1100 or visit the International Code Council website.


The Village of Cary enforces the following codes:

  • Accessibility
    Illinois Accessibility Code, 2018 edition. For additional information, visit the  Illinois Capital Development Board website.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Multi Family Residential 
    International Building Code, 2003 Edition with local amendments and the International Fire Code, 2003 Edition
  • Mechanical Code
    International Mechanical Code, 2003 Edition
  • Electrical Code
    National Electrical Code, 2002 Edition with local amendments
  • Plumbing Code
    Illinois State Plumbing Code, 2014 Edition. For additional information, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health Plumbing Program website.
  • Property Maintenance
    International Property Maintenance Code, 2003 Edition with local amendments
  • Single Family Residential
    International Residential Code, 2003 Edition with local amendments
  • Fuel Gas Code 
    International Fuel Gas Code, 2003 Edition
  • Fire Prevention Code
    International Fire Code, 2003 Edition
  • Energy Conservation Code 
    International Energy Conservation Code, 2018 Edition with Illinois amendments. For additional information visit the Illinois Capital Development Board website.