It is the Village of Cary’s policy to repair mailboxes damaged during snow plow operations. If your mailbox is damaged during snow plow operations, contact the Public Works Department by calling 847-639-0003 or click on the Damaged Mailbox Form link below. 

During snow plow operations, particularly those that have wet and heavy snow, it is not uncommon for curbside mailboxes to be damaged. The damage is typically the result of the impact from heavy, wet snow being discharged from the plow blade.

After a winter weather emergency has stopped, the Public Works Department will begin the process of repairing or replacing parkway mailboxes that were damaged as a result of Village snow plow operations.

Damaged mailboxes (including the post it sits on) will initially be assessed to determine whether the mailbox can be repaired or if it must be replaced. If the mailbox can be repaired, Public Works crews will repair the mailbox as soon as possible. If the mailbox cannot be repaired, residents may receive a temporary mailbox. Residents whose mailboxes cannot be repaired have one of the following two options:
  • Public Works will install a new "standard" mailbox in black finish, mounted upon an unpainted 4" x 4" wood post; or
  • Resident will replace the mailbox and post at their own cost and will received a $25 reimbursement check from the Village. This reimbursement amount shall be established annually by the Director of Public Works on the basis of current retail market conditions for a standard mailbox and post.
 Under no circumstances will the Village replace in kind "fancy" wrought iron, customized, decorator type or other special order mailboxes, posts or related hardware. Such units are placed within the public right-of-way strictly at the risk of the property owner.

Damaged Mailbox Form

Village Code 12.08.220 sets the guideline for proper curbside mailbox installation:
It is unlawful for any owner or occupier of land to permit any part of a mailbox to overhang any portion of the curb on a curbed pavement or to be located closer than one foot from the pavement edge of any uncurbed pavement; the bottom of such mailboxes shall be four feet in height measured from the elevation of the abutting pavement edge.