Stormwater Management Permits


As part of the requirements to manage and mitigate the effects of development on stormwater runoff in McHenry County, the McHenry County Stormwater Management Commission and local municipalities enforce a countywide Stormwater Management Ordinance (SMO) that sets minimum standards for floodplain and stormwater management.

Since 2004, municipalities wholly within McHenry County have been required to adopt and enforce these minimum countywide standards for regulated development. The County most recently amended its countywide SMO on December 1, 2014.

Countywide Stormwater Management Ordinance.

On November 19, 2015, Cary became a certified community with stormwater ordinance regulations enforced as part of the Village's own permit process. A separate permit from McHenry County is no longer required as part of the Village's customer service initiatives to streamline the development process.

When is a Stormwater Management Permit Required?

The thresholds for when a stormwater permit is required are based on several criteria, including the amount of disturbed area, location of the work, and the type of work. Summary of criteria used.

How do I Apply for a Stormwater Management Permit?

To apply for a permit, please contact the Community Development Department for information on the permit process and a copy of the permit application.  Stormwater Management Permits are now processed concurrently with your other building permits.

What are the Fees for a Stormwater Management Permit?

Please contact the Community Development Department for details on the fee schedule and how they apply to your particular project.  Fees vary depending on the classification of development.  The Village utilizes a qualified engineering consultant (Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.) to review most stormwater permit applications according to the requirements of the McHenry County Stormwater Management Ordinance and these costs are covered by the permit fees collected.

Stormwater Management Resources