Administrative Hearing Process

The Village of Cary's administrative hearing process is designed to adjudicate, or settle, a wide range of cases involving violations of Village ordinances that were once heard in the McHenry County Circuit Court. Hearings are conducted at the Cary Village Hall, 755 Georgetown Drive, to provide a convenient location and method of contesting certain tickets, citations, or notices of violation. The goal of the administrative hearing process is to expedite the resolution of these violations.

An administrative hearing is a civil, not a criminal, proceeding. Cases are punishable by fines and a variety of other penalties, but not by jail time. Under the Village’s Administrative Adjudication System, cases are heard by an Administrative Hearing Officer who is required to be an experienced attorney and has completed state-mandated training to impartially render case decisions in a professional, courteous, and fair manner. The Administrative Hearing Officer hears, or may hear in the future, certain types (but not all) of cases in each of the following categories:
  • Police-issued citations (non-moving)
  • Parking tickets
  • Village Code violations
  • Animal control violations
  • Administrative Tows and Impounds
Pursuant to Section 2.300.80(K) of the Village of Cary Municipal Code, any person who has been served a violation notice for Municipal Code violations related to parking, standing, or condition of a vehicle may contest the alleged violation in writing without appearing before a Hearing Officer.

The form below must be completed in its entirety and include a statement of facts specifying the grounds for challenging the violation notice. The completed form must be received by the Cary Police Department no later than seven (7) days prior to the initial hearing date on the violation notice.

Hearing Without Appearance Request Form (PDF)
Motion for Continuance (PDF)
Motion to Vacate Default Judgement (PDF)
Additional Information (PDF) regarding the Adjudication process.