Water Main Repairs & Boil Orders

Water Boil Orders
Occasionally, the Village may have to turn water off in order for Public Works staff to perform repair work on the Village’s water system, such as during a water main break. Staff notifies residents of the water shut off and the subsequent precautionary Boil Water Order by hand-distributing notices to each residence affected, as well as posting information on the Village's website.

When the repairs have been completed, a precautionary Boil Water Order will be in effect for approximately 24 hours. This order is to ensure that no contaminants are present as a result of repairs to the water main. Residents are instructed to boil only water from the faucet that is intended to be used for drinking and allow it to cool before consuming.

Upon termination of this order, you will receive notification that the Boil Water Order has expired and that drinking water quality exceeds the Illinois EPA's Safe Drinking Water Standards.
Water Main Repairs
The Public Works Department maintains over 70 miles of water main (pipe). Occasionally repairs are required and excavation of the street and/or parkway must occur. The department has staff on-call 24-hours a day and 365 days a year to ensure that any disruptions to your water service are minimized and addressed as soon as possible.

Residents that experience an unexpected disruption in water service or witness a leak should contact the Village immediately (847-639-0003 during business hours 8:30am-5pm) or dial 911 to report a main break after hours. Please be sure to speak with someone and do not leave messages or emails for emergency calls so that issues can be addressed immediately.
The aftermath of a main break