Winter Operations


Snow & Ice Control
Snow and ice control is one of the core responsibilities of the Public Works Department. During a winter weather advisory, equipment is readied and loaded with road salt and liquid de-icer.


The Village has approximately 77 miles of streets. For snow & ice control, the Village is divided into eight (8) areas, with initial attention focused on intersections and arterial streets. Plow trucks operate continually during a major snow event to maintain a minimum of two lanes open on all roads and streets. Once the snow subsides, trucks will plow streets from curb line to curb line and apply road salt where necessary.

Parkways & Driveways

The Village understands how frustrating it is when the snowplows push snow from the street to the base of your driveway after it has been shoveled. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this from happening, as snow coming off of the plow is directed to the right. The heavier the snowfall, the more snow that is deposited at the base of your driveway.

Per Village Code #12.08.180, it is unlawful to deposit snow from a driveway into the Village street.


It is the responsibility of the resident or business owner to ensure that their sidewalks are clear of snow and ice.


Cul-de-sacs are among the most difficult areas to plow, as there is limited space for the placement of snow that has been plowed. The Village will do everything it can to limit the amount of snow that is displaced onto residential property.

If Your Street Does Not Appear To Be Plowed

The Village of Cary will do everything it can to ensure your street is plowed and free of hazardous winter driving conditions. If your street appears to be unattended to, it may be because your street was among the first ones plowed when the snow emergency began. Please be patient as crews will continue to plow arterial streets and intersections until the snow emergency has stopped. Until then, you can do your part to speed along the plow process by keeping cars parked off Village streets until they are cleared of snow and ice.