Harper-Freeman Historical Collection

Cary businessman Bob Harper, owner of Cary Station Antiques, Spring Street, has donated over 1,000 historical treasures, collected by Bob Harper, the late Henry Harper, and the late Betty Freeman (Harper), to the Village of Cary. The Harper-Freeman Collection, as it is to be known, includes many important Cary historical artifacts from the 1800’s and 1900’s.

The collection includes hundreds of original photos of Cary dating from the late 1800’s and early to mid-1900’s. In addition, the collection contains over 100 artifacts from John Hertz, one of Cary’s most influential and important early residents. Mr. Hertz built the oldest part of the building that now houses the Cary Village Hall.

Betty Freeman
Betty Freeman, before her passing in 2009, was the longtime Village of Cary Historian and caretaker of the Historic Cary Cemetery, located on First Street. In 2000, Mrs. Freeman was honored by then-Mayor Donald Huffer with a key to the Village for her work in preserving local Cary History. Later, in 2007, then-Mayor Steve Lamal honored Mrs. Freeman with naming the drive that runs through the Cary Cemetery “Freeman Lane,” in honor of her years of dedicated volunteer service.

Items on Display
Items from the Harper-Freeman Historical Collection are on display at Cary Village Hall. Photos and information about items from the Harper-Freeman collection are also periodically highlighted in the Cary News Weekly.

View photos of the Harper-Freeman Historical Collection.